About A J Placement Consultants

We are based in DELHI & recruiting from all over India. Our team of dedicated Professional pay undivided attention to each & every client. Our wide range of network enables us to attract and recruit the best available professionals, all types of staff, skilled & semi skilled manpower.

We are providing our services to the critical core industries i.e., Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Refineries, Power Plants and infrastructure Development including high-rise commercial/ housing projects. In fact, we have been supplying Managers, Engineers, QA/QC personnel, related staff & workers required for High value projects. The various categories of personnel provided by us also include Architects, Designers, Process Engineers and mechanical, Civil, Electrical & Instrumentation Engineers / Inspectors and all other related categories.

Our modus Operandi/ Core strengths is our well trained/ experienced staffs, who are specialized and sourcing candidates from the exact companies in India who are engaged in similar business related to our clients. This way we not only save time but also help our clients reruit suitable staff in short time.